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Living in NY Just Because That Much More Bearable


Yes. This ^^^ is why.

As you may have surmised from the title, I don’t really like where I live. Or, rather, I like the whole suburbia-and-the-big-city-got-together-and-produced-this idea, where I live basically in a suburb but still within the city limits, so I get all the benefits of living in the Big City without actually living in the Big City. It makes for great bike rides.

But that aside, I don’t really enjoy where I live as much as other people might. Maybe it’s because I like being in the actual city, maybe it’s because I’m a hardcore¬†Democrat, or maybe it’s because I’m gay, maybe it’s because I have no friends here and I’m a social little butterfly — I have no idea. But I don’t generally enjoy living in New York City

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Hello Blogosphere!

Hello, everyone!

Although not my ¬†first attempt at blogging — I have had several others which are currently resting in the great graveyard of retired blogs in the heavens — I hope to keep this website updated regularly.

Just a little bit about myself (in case you’re too lazy to see the About page): I am a Conservadox-Jewish gay teenager living technically in New York, but what many consider to already be the much-mocked suburbia; as proof, I say that I go to school “In the city.” As mentioned before, I have made several other forays into the blogosphere, and I hope that this will be more successful than the others. I am also a creative writer (both prose and poetry) and an amateur photographer to boot. I have also worked as a lighting designer for my school’s theatrical productions. (At one point, I also tried to do some acting, however, it did not work out.)

As a commuter, I get to spend tons of time listening to music on the subway, and some of my favorite bands are Angels and Airwaves and Owl City. I also read Oscar Wilde, Robert Frost, and a wide assortment of authors of whom there are too many to name.

On the The Teen’s Blog, I hope to publish frequently and upload some of my better photos from my shoots. At present, I have been photographing the NYC Subway, a personal interest of mine. At some point or another, I should have a Twitter account up and running.

Happy blogging!

UPDATE (11:08 PM): I am now on Twitter: @theteensblog

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