Living in NY Just Because That Much More Bearable


Yes. This ^^^ is why.

As you may have surmised from the title, I don’t really like where I live. Or, rather, I like the whole suburbia-and-the-big-city-got-together-and-produced-this idea, where I live basically in a suburb but still within the city limits, so I get all the benefits of living in the Big City without actually living in the Big City. It makes for great bike rides.

But that aside, I don’t really enjoy where I live as much as other people might. Maybe it’s because I like being in the actual city, maybe it’s because I’m a hardcore Democrat, or maybe it’s because I’m gay, maybe it’s because I have no friends here and I’m a social little butterfly — I have no idea. But I don’t generally enjoy living in New York City

But living in New York State has become slightly better after last night’s election in the New York Assembly. New York, as of 11:52 PM last night, has become the sixth state (and the largest by far, I might add) to legalize same-sex civil partnerships and provide same-sex couples (like one I hope to be part of someday) with the same rights that heterosexual couples enjoy in New York.

And not only that, those who want to enter a domestic partnership in New York do not have to be legal citizens of the State, and that other states have to cross-honor these partnerships, essentially making New York the go-to place for gay marriage. Right in time for the Pride Parade!

This was, however, just one of several very, very important things voted on during the Assembly’s extended summer session. Other very hot and no less important topics included:

  • the announcement of the state vegetable, which is now sweet corn
  • the announcement that disabled people are allowed to hunt with crossbows
  • the announcement that some random dude can not tightrope across the Niagra Falls gorge
  • the refinement of the official rules of BINGO (like, that game that old people play in their spare tim–I mean, every day…)
  • the designatation the quartz variety Herkimer Diamond as the official state mineral

So yes. Living in New York has become slightly more bearable.


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