Gender Designations and Identities

In an effort to try and solve my gender identity crisis, I’ve been doing a little research on different gender categorizations for those who feel that they do not fall into the standard gender binary of male or female. So here are my results:

Cisgender: Identifying as cisgender means that you identify with the gender that you were born in. That having been said, the definition is somewhat confusing, and I won’t deny not fully understanding what it implies.

Transgender: A person who feels that their true gender identity does not match what they were born as; a male born in a female’s body or a female born in a man’s body. People who identify as transgender can exhibit this in a number of ways: transsexualism, or a person who desires to be perceived as, or live as, the opposite gender, a cross-dresser, or as genderqueer (more about this later). Some who undergo a sex change (through hormones and sex reassignment surgery) will often decide to identify solely as male or female, while others will continue to identify as transgender.

Bigender: A person who moves fluidly between masculine and feminine depending on context. Many have stereotypically “male” and stereotypically “female” personae. Bigender is recognized by the American Psychological Association as a branch of those who identify as transgender.

Trigender: Like those who identify as bigender, people who identify as trigender believe that their gender identity remains fluid not between just male and female, but also between a third gender. In countries like India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, this is considered to be a third gender.

Androgyny: A person who does not fit cleanly into the male/female binary, and attempts to express oneself in a way that appears to be gender-neutral, which is also a commonly used term. Oftentimes, those who identify as androgynous will also identify as gender-fluid or pangender

All of these fall under the blanket term of genderqueer, which is how I identify myself as right now. One who is genderqueer can identify as being gender-neutral, of both genders, gender-fluid, and/or third-gendered.

So that’s all of my research for now. I’ll post more as it comes.


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  1. Rocky

    Dude, who the fuck “fits cleanly into the male/female binary”? A good portion of the gender classifications out there are bullshit, meant for people with too much time on their hands who just want to find some way to be “different.”